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Client Resources

Guidelines for Success in our Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Addiction affects all areas of life: Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual, so recovery needs to address all of these areas.

For success in our program, you must be alcohol free, so read labels! Many over the counter cough medications and mouthwashes contain alcohol.

Show all prescription information to the nurse (if you're on medication assisted therapy) or to your counselor (if not on medication assisted therapy.)

Get additional support outside of Coastal Horizons! This can include AA, NA, CR, SMART Recovery and/or Faith based support. See the links below:

Resources For Family Members and Loved Ones:


The following is an example of guided meditation for relaxation and recovery. Please do NOT listen to this meditation while driving or doing any task requiring caution or close attention.

Download this video to your computer or phone [106MB]